November 27, 2018




Snorkeling or scuba diving on Menjangan Island

(à partir de USD 60 /pers – USD 140/pers)

A true secret paradise for divers, not very know and preserved from the mass tourism. You will swim with some of the most fascinating marine creatures such as pygmy seahorses, harlequin shrimps or oriental mandarin fish.

Visit of Bali Barat National Park 

(à partir de USD 112/pers)

Covering almost all the West Bali with 19,000 hectares of wild forests and mangroves, the Bali Barat National Park is the ideal place to hike and discover the variety of fauna and flora. It is a protected park that has many endangered species.


Dolphins cruise

(à partir de USD 15/pers)

Get up early and go aboard a boat to admire a beautiful sunrise over the bay. But above all, come visit dolphins in their natural environment. Cetaceans live freely and swim around boats jumping into waves. A real show just for you!

Canyoning sur la cascade GitGit
(à partir de USD 230/pers)

Practice canyoning is a way to fully explore the amazing nature of Bali while keeping fit with an incredible sport. The GitGit waterfall is a breathtaking place. The advantage of this cascade is that there is for all levels according to the physical condition of each person.


Ascent of Mount Agung

(à partir de USD 38/pers)

Highest point and most venerated mount of Bali, its 3.031 meters of altitude are seen of almost all the South and the East of the island. This volcano is the subject of a great veneration for Balinese people and would represent the eye of Bali. According to your physical condition, 3 different courses will be proposed to you to survey the volcano with a guide. 

Snorkeling or Scuba diving in Amed 

(à partir de USD 95/pers for 2 times intro diving)

Excellent dive spot for lovers of macro and « muck dive ». You will discover many unusual creatures, or wrecks such as USS liberty in Tulamben. Amed remains the fllagship region for this type of activity because it is an ideal diving destination for any level.

UBUD & its outskirts

Ascent of Mount Batur

(à partir de USD 36/pers)

Tall of 1,717 meters, Mount Batur is the second higher volcano in Bali. It is marked by its broken crest and still maintains a significant activity. It is a popular climb for tourists because it is accessible for everybody. A beautiful sunrise awaits you as a reward.

Rafting on the Ayung River

(à partir de USD  79/pers)

Nothing better than taking a breath of fresh air and cooling down while having fun thanks to rafting. In addition to seeing breathtaking landscapes, you will take a good rush of adrenaline !

Quad / Buggy / Paintball

(à partir de USD  90/pax – USD 260/pers)

Want to practice land sports in a unique environment ? Come and exert yourself with various sports activities such as quad, buggy or paintball right in the middle of forests or rice fields.

Elephant ride

(à partir de USD 85/pers)

What could be better than an elephant ride in a natural setting but especially in respect of these beautiful mammals. This sacred animal from Asia is considered as the flagship animal of the continent. You may also have the opportunity to see others wildlife such as monkeys during the walk in the forest.

Stroll through rice fields and forests of Ubud

(à partir de USD 30/pers)

The city of Ubud is renowned for the striking beauty of the rice fields that surround it as well as its forests. You can meander among this dense vegetation with the impression of being alone in the world. A mythical experience, so much calm and serenity engulf you. You will also have the chance to meet local farmers who will be cultivating rice. 

Horse ride

(à partir de USD 23/pax – USD 60/pers)

Do you like nature, horses or just want to have a unique experience to mark your holiday ? Try the horse ride in the rice fields and the countryside of the island. This will be an opportunity for you to easily immerse yourself in Balinese life. There is no age required for this type of activity. Do not hesitate to share good time with your family.

Bike ride

(à partir de USD 83/pers)

Cycling can offer a surprising significant multi-sensory experience : Feeling the breeze in your hair, the scent of the natural countryside, the singing of birds as they fly across the sky ... These are all wonderful experiences adding to the visual beauty of an Ubud rural. The icing on the cake ? Is an eco-friendly activity and a very affordable way to discover another aspect of this authentic region.

Stroll aboard the mythical VW safari

(à partir de USD 45/pers)

The famous Volkswagen Safari is back ! In Bali it is the flagship car for excursions right in the centre of nature. Let the wind blow through your hair in the most fun means of transport on the island. Ride the roads through authentic villages, where cottage industries thrive, and pass by rice fields. You will be able to go directly meeting the Balinese people.

Visit of Monkey Forest

(à partir de USD 6/pers)

Lovers of monkeys? You will be conquered ! Come meet many free-range monkeys in a green space. These little primates love human contact and will enjoy playing with you. But be careful with your things, they love everything that shines.

Visit of Balinese villages

(à partir de USD 6/pers)

Nothing is more authentic than meeting the Balinese people in their daily environment. You will be able to observe the way of life of each community. A great cultural wealth since from one village to another, some customs can be different!

Visit of a chocolate factory

(à partir de USD 35/pers)

In the heart of the jungle, Balinese cultivate a prized sweet by chefs from around the world: chocolate! The opportunity to learn more about this dish which young and old alike love. - You will discover the cocoa plantation where you will learn how pods containing cocoa beans are grown, preserved and fermented - Visit of the chocolate factory where secrets of chocolate making will be revealed to you.

- Workshop confection of chocolates, followed by a tasting of your creations

Immersion during a half-day in Balinese culture

  (à partir de USD 60/pers)

On the program:
 - Meeting with children at the elementary school of the village
- Explaining the process of the rice’s cultivation
- Creating offerings
- Creating some typical Balinese dishes + tasting
- Take a short trek right in the middle of the rice fields
- Balinese dances

Balinese cooking class

(à partir de USD 70/pers)

In order to not have a rush of nostalgia for the country, come learn how to cook typical recipes such as “Mie Goreng” or “Nasi goreng”. Dishes you can recreate at home easily and so take your guests out of daily. In general, classes begin with going for a stroll to the market where your host presents the main ingredients used in Indonesian cuisine. Then, back home, you prepare what will be your meal. Finally, you sit down to table in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere !

Tradional Balinese Medicine Class

(à partir de USD 38/pers)

The village of Ubud in Bali has become a center of interest for alternative medicine. . There are several centers offering different modes of therapy. Come and enjoy a course to learn for example the virtues of certain plants and their benefits on the human body.

Anecdote: The word "Ubud" means "cure or medicine".

Balinese dances class

(à partir de USD 35/pers)

They are called "Kecak, Barong, Legong, Topeng, Pendet" ... with the variants there would be more than 50. But it would be more accurate to speak of danced theater because each tells a story of princesses, Gods, demons and warriors, generally drawn from the Hindu epic of Ramayana. Come and try this atypical dance and its restrictive stylized gesture that both intrigue and fascinate because of its difficulty.

Meditation class

(à partir de USD 45/pers)

Gods’s island is a place suffused with strong and sincere spirituality. For many travelers, the goal coming to discover the island, is also to begin or to continue an interior path which will lead them to the discovery of their truth, balance and well-being. What is better than meditation? It is an ancestral practice in Bali where the union of the body, the soul and the spirit are the foundations.

Painting class

(à partir de USD 44/pers)

Take the opportunity to develop another artistic talent or introduce you to Balinese culture through an activity not very known from tourists here : painting. You will opt for the traditional painting of "Keliki", pot painting or watercolor.

Yoga class

(à partir de USD 50/pers)

 Yoga is an integral part of Hindu culture. This discipline aims to unify the human being in its physical, psychic and spiritual aspects: nothing better than the sublime setting of Ubud for this initiation. A relaxing atmosphere to stay calm in all circumstances ! Ubud offers a wide range of activities around this discipline such as yoga retreats, "à la carte" courses, programs, but also classes to teach Yoga.

DENPASAR & its outskirts

Tour en hélicoptère au dessus de Bali ((à partir de USD 3.334/pers)

Get an overview to see Bali differently. 10 destinations to choose :
- Volcano of Kintamani
- Uluwatu Temple and its maritime coast
- Bedugul lake and Kintamani volcano
- Tanah Lot Temple and Kuta Beach
- Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida by coast
- Gili islands
- Aerial road trip : Besaki Temple, Kintamani volcano, Bedugul lake, Tanah Lot Temple and Kuta Beach
- Taro elephants park
- Rafting center

« ½ journée dans la peau d’un Balinais » (à partir de USD 3.334/pers)

On the program :
- Meeting with children at the school
- Meaning of the temples
- Process of rice’s cultivation
- Creating offerings
- Creating some typical Balinese dishes
- Process of creating coconut oil
- Process of creating coffee
- Trek through the rice fields and watch a local farmer plow the land and plant the rice : On your turn, lend yourself to the game !
- Balinese dances while enjoying your typical Balinese lunch

Visite du parc aux oiseaux (à partir de USD 26/pers)

Nestled in lush greenery that contains more than 300 species of trees and plants, the park will allow you to see more than 1,000 birds of 250 different species, evolving in simple cages or giant aviaries recreating the ecosystem of the tropical forest. You will also see critically endangered species on the island like the Bali starling, one of the rarest birds in the world.


Surf (à partir de USD 45/pers)

Bali is internationally recognized because of its many surf spots for experts. The island offers also a lots of places, for beginners or novice surfers, who can learn the basics safely. Canggu is the perfect example because the city has different beaches to surf, depending on the level of each. Everyone will find his groove!

Promenade dans les rizières de Jatiluwih (à partir de USD 73/pers)

Ranked since 2012 as UNESCO World Heritage, these rice terraces are an unmissable place in Bali, both by the beauty of the panoramic landscape and their authentic appearance. You can find farmers who plant and harvest rice, roosters or ducks who wander in the rice fields. Anecdote: Jatiluwih means "really beautiful".

Visite du parc aux reptiles (à partir de USD 8/pers)

The Bali Reptiles Park, adjacent to the Bali Bird Park, claims the most comprehensive collection of reptiles in Southeast Asia. They have a reticulated python of 8 meters, which is one of the largest snakes in captivity. There is also a vast collection of Indonesian lizards, in addition to the world-famous prehistoric dragons, which reach up to 3 m in length (10 feet).


Visit of Dream Museum Zone (DMZ)

(à partir de USD 12/pers)

The gallery presents a range of masterfully painted works of art that each serve as an interactive backdrop to three-dimensional illusory photography. There are a total of 120 unique masterpiece spread in 14 different categories over three levels, offering a full day of discovery and creativity. You can play along by posing and playing in front of these 3D photographs.


Departure of boats to the islands

(à partir de USD 30/pers – USD 89/pers)

The port of Sanur offers you the opportunity to explore the islands around Bali such as the Gili Islands (Air, Meno and Trawangan) but also Lombok and the Nusa Islands (Penida and Lembongan).

Jewelry class

(à partir de USD 55/pers)

After a quick course about the meaning of pearl culture, you will choose the pearls that will make up your jewelry. From there, the jewelry making workshop will begin. With an expert designer, you will create your own ring, pendant or earring. The team will help you create the room of your choice, with professional advice. At the end of the class, you will leave with your jewelry, a jewel of the sea.


Jimbaran- Uluwatu cruise

(à partir de USD 223 for couple)

Go aboard and take off for a two-hour cruise to Uluwatu Temple, considered one of Bali's most important temples. During the cruise, relax and admire the beautiful landscape. Join the captain at sunset for a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony


Water sport

(à partir de USD 15/pers – USD 97/pers)

There is a wide variety of aquatic activities to delight young and old alike. List of possible activities:

- Parasailing

Banana Boat / Roullete Doughnut / Fly Fish

- Jet Ski

- Glass Bottom+ Turtle Island+ Snorkeling

- Wake Board / Water Ski / Fly Board

- Sea Walker / Scuba diving/ Snorkeling

- Mangrove + Turtle Island


(à partir de USD 67/pers – USD 119/pers)

Theatrical performance of 90 minutes, ideal for family. The premise of the story is a boy and a girl who decide to separate from their group of tourists, in order to discover an enchanted chest filled with various cultural objects from the different islands of the Indonesian archipelago, hence the subtitle "Treasure of the archipelago” . To know the end of the story ... go to the Devdan Show!


Snorkeling or Scuba diving with manta rays

(à partir de USD 165/pers)

It is perhaps this unusual experience which will make your stay even more grandiose and unforgettable. It is not every day that it can be possible to swim with manta rays of 1600 kg and 6 m wide. Whether you are a diving enthusiast or simply a mask and snorkel addict, come live a unique experience. They are visible from the surface and visible all year on this island.

Guided day tour

(à partir de USD 89/pers)

Come discover the East of the island of Nusa Penida through a day guided by a professional who will show you the key places to know such as:

- Atuh Beach

- Pulau Seribu

- Teletubbies Hills

Guided day tour

(à partir de USD 89/pers)

Come discover the West of the island of Nusa Penida through a day guided by a professional who will show you the key places to know such as :

- Kelingking Beach

- Broken Beach

- Angel’s Billabong

- Cristal Bay


Snorkeling or Scuba diving with colorful fish

(à partir de USD 195/pers)

A limpid calm, a turquoise water, an aquatic fullness ... And then, a fireworks of colors: there, in the middle of the seabed of Nusa Lembongan, not less than 300 varieties of corals and 570 species of reef fishes evolve calmly.

Guided day tour

(à partir de USD 63/pers)

Come discover the island of Nusa Lembongan through a day guided by a professional who will show you the key places to know such as:

- Yellow Bridge

- Mangrove Forest

- Dream Beach

- Devil’s Tears


Snorkeling or Scuba diving with turtles


Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of these paradisiacal islands, where sea turtles are very easy to observe and offer great snorkeling opportunities. Turtles are accustomed to human presence and are easily approached and observed. However, avoid disturbing them or touching them. You will be able to admire them to rest and rest along the coasts of the island.