Forgotten by tourists, the discreet little sister of Bali doesn't yet know the same development, but it would be reductive to consider it as a second "Bali". This island with its peculiarities and its own identity, it offers a new facet of Indonesia. With a Muslim majority, the local population (the Sasaks) remains attached to the animist rites. We go for its beautiful sandy beaches, mountains, lush nature, culture and small villages and authentic remote.





The South:





Kuta Lombok:

Here nothing to do with his Balinese counterpart, Kuta is a village of fisherman and peaceful farmers with its cabanas and straw huts in a relaxed atmosphere. Away from the mass tourism, you can enjoy a large stretch of white sand in a beautiful bay in the middle of a majestic nature. Going further you will discover a coast still wild: dream beaches, vast coves hemmed with white sand ... Side land, the few hamlets are lined with coconut trees or tobacco plantations.


Quiet little town, life is peaceful. Few tourist infrastructures. We go for its beautiful bays and coves far from the bustle. Spectacular landscapes by their beauty and sentiment of isolation.

The North Center:








Mount Rinjani:

Second largest volcano in Indonesia, it rises to 3,726 m. Its ascent requires a very good physical form; the most classic formula consists of a trek of three days. On the caldera there is a lake Segara Anak.

The foothills of Mount Rinjani:


On the first slopes of Mount Rinjani at the gates of the National Park, a nice little village in the middle of rice fields and tobacco fields. This is the starting point of all treks to the south: beautiful treks to see vegetation, monkeys and waterfalls.


At the North of the volcano, you can find the Sasak village.The "Sasaks" are Muslims who practice an Islam tinged with pantheism and Hinduism. This is the starting point for superb hikes to see waterfalls and large tropical trees.


One of the most beautiful villages on the island that has preserved its cultural heritage.

The East:








Mataram: The capital of Lombok and former royal capital Cakranegara.

Sengigi: First and only seaside resort of Lombok, there is entertainment and activities. Beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains. Nearby, villages, mosques with colorful domes, temples.

Mangsit: A long quiet beach with traditional rockers is the gateway to the activities of the North Zone.

Batu Bolong: Extension of Sengigi there are hotels, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, bar along the coastal road.

Gili Islands:

The three Gili islands, off of Lombok, are a real postcard: white sand surrounded by crystal clear sea. There is calm and serenity: no scooter, no car, no dog. The trips are by bike, on foot or cimodos (small carriages pulled by ponies). Walk through the island, lazing on the beach, exploring the seabed with particular meeting with the turtles you expect.





Gili Trawangan: The most festive island but with casual atmosphere. It has many bars all along its coasts some are open until late at night.





Gili Meno : : the wildest and quietest where locals will always be happy to help you.





Gili Air : : True compromise a nice and lively village island.