Raja Ampat Cruise 12D / 11N





Rajat Ampat means the four kings, it is an archipelago composed of islands covered with jungle in the extreme east of Indonesia. Difficult to access and still unknown is a paradise for diving. Preserved and described by many scientists as the "hot-spot" of biodiversity on earth, this cruise allows you to discover the incredible diversity of life, amazing underwater creatures, strange and rare.

Day 1 – SORONG





Aurora's team picks you up at Sorong Airport (usually planes arriving in the morning from Makassar or Manado). As soon as all the participants are there, the Aurora boat will weigh anchor and sail to the Dampier Strait.






Early morning arrival to Mansuar, for dives in recognized sites. This prone area is characterized by intact corals and many schools of fish, while the surface is surrounded by lush islands, with dazzling white beaches.

Day 04: PENEMU





Further south, stop at Fam to dive on My Reef, a seamount with abundant schools of fish, then the Keruo Canal, a fascinating passageway between 2 islands, its slopes covered with hard corals. Don't miss a break on the mainland for a breathtaking view of the typical landscape of Raja Ampat.

Day 05 & 06: FARONDI





Wake up in Misool National Park, a region with thousands of islands. Here you will see the richest variations of fish, soft and hard corals as well as all kinds of sharks. Don't miss the show offered by mussels that feed on phytoplantons.






Visit different islands and so different sites, the program: JILLIET, FIABAJET, WALIB, WAJIL, PELE JEF, MESENTA, BOO etc ... the Aurora team will ensure the most possible diving to enjoy a maximum this incredible area.

Day 10 : FAM SUD





In the morning, visit the dive site at Melissa's Garden. A huge reef with splendid corals and an impressive fishlife by its diversity: sea fish, pygmy seahorses, huge sea snakes, tridacna clams can be seen in shallow waters. Then "Fam Wall" for night diving, where you can see harlequin shrimp, frogfish and many species of nudibranchs.






Visit of a typical fishing village, the morning will be dedicated to the spot of mantas, sharks.

Day 12: SORONG





Breakfast on board, the Aurora team organizes the transfer to Sorong airport according to the flight schedules of the participants.