Opt for a stay in the middle of nature with eco-friendly activities: a stay in the middle of nature with eco-friendly activities and respectful of the environment:

West Bali: Bajul Eco Lodge by Plataran





In the heart of Bali National Park, Bajul Eco Lodge by Plataran is an eco-friendly accommodation with 12 lodges and educational facilities. It offers a rustic stay in the heart of the indomitable park of Plataran L'Harmonie. The compound provides three types of accommodations - premium lodge, standard lodge and group lodge. From shared lodges to private lodges, It offers a wide range of recreational facilities allowing visitors to dive into the endless treasures of nature: Laboratory, outdoor classroom, meeting room, bird watching platform, platform Ocean watching, stud, Octagon Beach club, opt for a private, nursery cruise.

The Setting: West Bali National Park: A 382-hectare conservation area in the Buleleng region of northwestern Bali, known for its dense biodiversity that encompasses many distinct ecosystems - from primary monsoon, mangrove and rainforest, to the savannah and herbarium landscapes, as well as deep or non-deep waters with sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Centre Bali Green CAMP by The green school





Green Camp belongs to the Green School, a school conceived around the concept of sustainable development in the middle of the rice fields and the rainforest of the enchanted commune of Ubud. It's one of the greenest and most innovative campuses in the world. It offers programs for children, families, school groups and businesses with a range of fun activities that challenge the physically, intellectually and emotionally challenged campers by experienced facilitators, activities will cultivate survival skills, develop knowledge and awareness about sustainable development, and empower individuals.

The "no wall" campus is surrounded by educational gardens, shady outdoor learning areas, a workshop entirely made of bamboo and outdoor terrain.

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