Alila Manggis
Alila Manggis ***** A luxury resort that serves as a stage for our tours in
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Rama Candidasa
Rama Candidasa **** The hotel is a three-storey building, extended by a series
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Puri Bagus Candidasa
Puri Bagus Candidasa *** A real favorite in the region, both for its beautiful location
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The Griya Villas Amed
The Griya Villas Amed ***** A mix of Luxury and authenticity, the Griya Villas Amed
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Santai Hotel 4* (Upper Room):
Santai Hotel 4* (Upper Room) **** Amed Santai. A lot of "Robinson" atmosphere in a small
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Coral View
Coral View *** Once you enter the entrance guarded by two beautiful nagas, the hotel is a
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Wapa di Uma Sidemen
Wapa di Uma Sidemen ***** Wapa di Ume Sidemen is a five star boutique resort that has
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Surya Shanti
Surya Shanti **** The hotel offers the best service of all Sidemen: The bungalows look like
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Sawah Indah
Sawah Indah *** Sawah Indah Villa is a charming villa perfectly located in the middle
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