Discovering the seabed in Bali is an essential part of your trip. These turquoise waters combined
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Island of the Gods is known for its heavenly beaches, the kindness of its people and its cultural wealth.
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Combining mountainous massifs and paradisiacal beaches, the sports life in Bali doesn't know truces. Let yourself be captivated
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Bali the island of gods and temples. Come to discover an authentic and rich culture. Learn to
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Our Favorite



The ride in VW: Remember: in the 60s, Volkswagen released a new Ladybug. And in some countries was built a sort of Jeep placed on the chassis of the famous Beetle: it is the VW Safari or 181. An association of Balinese owners has rehabilitated a hundred that are available to lovers of retro sensations. And when you have to get on board and take you off the beaten track of the island, a great fun session is on the agenda of the day. Unforgettable. A restored VW Jeep for windy strolls on the small roads and discover the region differently, by the side roads by visiting the "forgotten places".





At the discovery of medicinal plants

Balinese use a wide range of native plants and herbs for therapeutic, medicinal and health purposes. Familiarize yourself with the different plants and methods during a walk with a specialist guide. Discover during a walk the grasses that grow along the edges of sawahs, turmeric with roots and coconut trees, taro plants and banana trees, lemongrass, soursop, jackfruit, pineapple and breadfruit. Learn to make identifications by sight, smell and taste. All your senses will be highlighted!